Bot Protection Functions

  • excludeFromTransferLimitations - This function excludes an address from transfer limitations. Usually, the owner of the contract needs to be excluded from transfer limitations in order to transfer the tokens to private investors without having any limits. If you are using any multi-sender app, the multi-sender contract address should be excluded, and the address which initiating the multi-sender contract should be excluded. We recommend testing the integration with our bot protection and any tools you are planning to use during the launch.

  • granRole - The owner of the bot management contract can call the function “grantRole” and add more bot management owners. In order to add bot management you should call grantRole(BOT_MANAGEMENT_ROLE, addressToAdd);

For example:

grantRole(“3dda5c349db18b8ab621544fd589093dcfa9c3b072b812cde6ed3f97dc1c3aa0”, addressToAdd);

  • manualBlacklist - manually blacklist address from selling/buying. Blacklisting new addresses will only be available for the first 2 hours.

  • multiBlackList - blacklist multiple addresses

  • setBuyCooldown - sets the cooldown period between two consecutive buys, should be in seconds

  • setSellCooldown - the same just for sell, need to be in seconds.

  • setMaxBuyAmount - set the maximum number of tokens an address can buy in one transaction. The value needs to be in tokens units.

For example:

If you want 1000 tokens to be the buy limit and the decimals are 9, the number of tokens according to the tokens unit are: 1000 * 10^9 which is 1000000000000


  • setMaxSellAmount - same for sell, should be in the token’s unit!

The bot protection will be self-destructed after 2 hours after the launch, the only limitation after this period is if you blacklist an address.

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