ERC20 - Token Generator

ERC20 is the most widespread token standard for fungible assets, albeit somewhat limited by its simplicity. Read more about ERC20 token here:

How to generate your own customized, audited ERC20 token?

  • Go to

  • Press Token Generator

  • select Basic ERC20 Plan

  • Connect to MetaMask

Configure Your Token

  • Symbol - Insert the symbol of the token (For example, ETH, BNB etc'..)

  • Name - Insert the name of the token

  • Decimals - Insert the number of decimals, the standard is 18 decimals.

  • Total Supply - Insert the total amount of tokens

  • Owner Address - Insert the owner address of the token.

Additional Features

Our ERC20 token contract can support our bot protection tool. We offer a bot protection tool that mitigates any bot activity. Our product secures your liquidity listing by taking proactive measures against unwelcome threats and provides your investors an unbiased environment.

In order to generate an ERC20 token supporting our bot protection you should toggle on the Bot Protection Service Support. Please note, that you cannot add bot protection support in the future.

Read more about our Bot Protection service:

Please note that if you don't add the Bot Protection Support now, you won't be able to add it in the future!

Once you are done configuring your token, press Create button.

Press Deployed contract in order to get the Token's address.

If you have any issues, feel free to contact us!

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